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Free phpBB BackUp manager
This is a python script that will automatically make database backups for multiple phpBB forums.
It simulates the actions that a forum administrator will do while doing it. A really useful tool when you have many forums to manage.
Here is an explanation of the cfg.xml file
<servers> <server> <url></url> - here you need to put the exact address of your forum <file>forum1.sql.gz</file> - the name of saved file, a time stamp will be added to it. <login>AdminLogin1</login> - administrator login <password>AdminPassword1</password> - administrator password <dir>c:\ForumBackup\</dir> - the destination folder for the backup download </server> <server> <url></url> <file>forum2.sql.gz</file> <login>AdminLogin2</login> <password>AdminPassword2</password> <dir>c:\ForumBackup\</dir> </server> </servers> You can add as many Forums as you wish this way, just by copying the xml tags and changing the data.

python2.4 - must be installed and working
mechanize1.1.2b - must be installed and working
If you have question please ask them in the  Support Forum

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