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Free phpBB archive script
optimizing your phpBB forum for search engine.

As you probably know, not all search engine index non html pages, and almost non of them, even Google, index php pages with sessison id in the link. PhpBB forums are no different, if you wondered why search engines didn't index pages on your forum for so long here is why.

So we at came up with a painless and beautifull solution to this problem:
The phpBB Archive script - it's a customizable PHP script that generates real time HTML SEO pages for your phpBB board.

All pages optimized for search engine - without much hastle you have all your pages optimized for search engines including Google. The only thing you have to do is add the title, description and keyords in the config file during installation. That's for the index page only. The meta tags for the rest of the pages are generated automatically in dependence on the topic in the forum. All the trash content that drops your page rating is removed. So you get a huge variation of highly rated entrance pages to your forum.

Customizable look and feel - because our phpBB Archive Script is based on templates, the look and feel is very customizable. It has separate templates files for the header,footer as well as categories, forums and topics pages. Each with it's own CSS file. In the configuration file you can define a lot of parameters like keywords, how many topics to show on each page, how many characters from the first post to show in the topic description, to append ads between posts or not, how many ads to use, the file names of the ads used and more.

Easy installation - It's very easy to install and you don't have to change anything in your forum's code or database. The only thing you have to do is copy the script files into a folder on your server. The folder should be inside the forum to allow the script to work. And to edit the config file where you will change your forum adress and other customizable parameters.

It's free and open source - the phpBB Arhive script is free and is open source so you can be sure its absolutely safe to use. The only thing we request of you is to leave the tiny signature in the footer.

Integrated ad placement system - now you don't have to struggle to integrate your Google Ads into your phpBB forum. You don't even have to add them to the forum itself. Since all your search engine traffic will come through the Forum Archive you can integrate the ads in it, and save your permanent users from seeing the same ads each time they come to your forum. Since you use different files for different ads you can easely mix Google Ads with other non content related ads like Amazon Ads etc. You can easely control the number of ads shown and the number of posts between ads from the config file.

Here are some examples of phpBB Archive Scripts: Dubai forums , Paris Forums , 3D forums
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