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Free Forum Hosting

Now You can create and host your personal forums on our servers free of charge. See examples of free forums, hosted by us, in the Forums section.

How does it work?
First we create a free subdomain for you.
Then we will install the latest version of the phpBB forum for you, with a set of styles and with our Forum Archive Script configured for your forum. So you will have a full-fledged message board with complete administration rights.

Monthly costs FREE $5
Setup costs FREE FREE
You gain full administration rights, so you can create and delete categories and forums, back up forum database and ban users. Forum Administration Yes Yes
FTP No Yes
We place no ads on the forum itslef Ads by
on the forum
No No
We place our ads only in the forum archive Ads by
in the forum archive.
Yes No
You can place your own ads on the forum and monetize it Your personal ads Yes Yes
Domain name
Your Domain name.

Generates SEO pages from the forum content Forum Archive Script
Yes Yes
Hard Disk space Allowed Storage 30 MB 100 MB
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