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RedHo forums

Forums dedicated to products and services as well as to web development in general. It has an It jobs forum as well.

Hardware Forums

Hardware forum is a place to discuss questions about hardware.


Paris Forums, the funniest cyber community in France:

Paris General Chat
Paris Romance Forum
Paris Expat Help
Paris Tourists forum
Jobs in Paris
Philosophy Forum
Paris Culture Chat
Paris Fashion Forum
Paris Business Discussions
Will Buy in Paris
For Sale in Paris - Dubai Chat, Jobs in Dubai, Guide for Dubai Expats

United Arab Emirates online expats community discussing various topics related to Dubai and UAE, including Dubai Business Discussion and so on - discussion forums for vegans

Vegan Talk Forums - online vegan community discussing animal rights activism, vegetarian ethics, being a vegan parent, vegetarian recipes and more. - europe discussion forums

European Union forums, discussion forums for EU countries. Discuss hot EU issues. Politics, Science, Romance, Environment and much, much more.

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